Americas Army Proving Grounds

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Tcadmin control panel allows you to manage your server with options like start,stop and install with just a couple clicks. We also have hundreds of mods that are available and easy to install on any game server. You can also monitor the status of your server and some games also have the option to use rcon commands right from Tcadmin.
We've chosen 9 locations world-wide based off of customer preferences for our Data Center locations to provide maximum coverage, with the lowest latency possible.

    Offical Hosting Provider

  • Due to Popular demand we have teamed up with the US Army to provide the US Army Official Servers for America's Army Proving Grounds
    These servers are running on the same High End Network (Internap) as our Public Servers.
    We take pride in the priveledge to host these servers and bring back the quality of US Army Hosted Public Servers for players to enjoy the game on.

    U.S. Army forces moved on a secret Czervenian fortified hideout, designated "Ranch", discovered on the Ostregal mainland, stopping Czervenia from coordinating surface-to-air attacks against Coalition aircraft and allowing incoming humanitarian relief to reach thousands of displaced refugees.

    With the arrival of U.S. and Coalition Forces, the Czervenian Army was driven off the Ostregal mainland. They made a hasty retreat over the CZ Transocean Highway, across the Silent Harbor Bridge and over the border on Palisav Island.
    The bridge became a strategic lightning rod for ongoing clashes with Czervenian troops and their allies, so called Red Coin terrorists.

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Whats Included

  • German/English Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium Network
  • Instant Mod installs
  • Scheduled Restarts
  • Web Based Control
  • Free Voice Server
  • Free Web Hosting

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