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The TCAdmin Control Panel allows you to manage your server with options such as start, stop and install with just a couple clicks. We also have hundreds of mods that are available and easy to install on any of the game servers we host. As well as the ability to monitor the status of your server, some games also have the option of using RCON Commands directly from TCAdmin.

High quality ARMA2OA game servers, instant setup that delivers high performance with a low ping.

  • ARMA 2 Servers are set in the near-future during the mid-2030s, where NATO forces deployed in the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea are trying to hold off a massive Iranian military offensive from the east. During the singleplayer campaign, the player will take the role of a British Special Forces soldier, Captain Scott Miller. Initially, the player must survive on their own after friendly forces are defeated in a failed NATO operation.

    Arma2 Server Full Version Starting at $1.29/slot

    per month

    Arma2OA Combine Ops Servers

    Arma2OA combines Arma2 and Operation ArrowHead into a single Multiplayer setup. Clients that prefer the latest snapshot builds prefer this option as it is updated quite frequently. ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead includes three new multiplayer maps, new vehicles and equipment, new factions, along with a new campaign.

    Arma2OA Server Full Version Starting at $1.29/slot

    per month

  1. 99% Uptime

    High quality network and
    excellent uptime

  2. 24 / 7 Support

    Guaranteed over
    25 years of Gaming experience

  3. Quick Setup

    Instant setup for Gaming Servers

  4. Secure / Fast

    24h server monitor and
    firewall protection

Whats Included

  • German/English Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium Network
  • Instant Mod installs
  • Scheduled Restarts
  • Web Based Control
  • Free Voice Server
  • Free Web Hosting

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