BattleField 1942

Total Control

Tcadmin control panel allows you to manage your server with options like start,stop and install with just a couple clicks. We also have hundreds of mods that are available and easy to install on any game server. You can also monitor the status of your server and some games also have the option to use rcon commands right from Tcadmin.
We've chosen 9 locations worldwide based off customer preferences Data Center locations. All servers are set to run on 100mb ports for optimized throughput.
  • To celebrate our 10th anniversary and two millionth Premium member, EA/DICE are giving away Battlefield 1942 for free! Relive it if you are an old-time fan. See where it all started if you're new to the series. You can download Battlefield 1942 right now on Origin at: and learn more about this DICE classic here:

    Our servers are configured by default with the Battlefield Remote Manager. Easy and fast server administration and configuration! Full FTP access and free help to install MODs/AddOns.

    BF1942 Origin Servers Starting at $.75/slot

    per month

  1. 99% Uptime

    High quality network and
    excellent uptime

  2. 24 / 7 Support

    Guaranteed over
    25 years of Gaming experience

  3. Quick Setup

    Instant setup for Gaming Servers

  4. Secure / Fast

    24h server monitor and
    firewall protection

Whats Included

  • German/English Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premuim Network
  • Instant Mod installs
  • Scheduled Restarts
  • Web Based Control
  • Free Voice Server
  • Free Web Hosting

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