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B3 -- Big Brother Bot (-2 Available)
We have this available for the following games through us!

  • Bad Company 2

  • Medal Of Honor

  • Urban Terror


  • COD4

  • COD 2

  • This will not work using other providers games.
    1 Month Price - $3.95 USD
    Procon Layer Hosting
    Procon is an advanced third party RCON Tool for BC2, MOH 2010, MOH WF, BF3 and BF4.

    MySQL database with ODBC support included!

    Direct login to your SQL database from our Game Control Panel via phpMyAdmin.

    Easy Upload of your favorite plugins using FTP or our integrated File Manager!

    1 Month Price - $2.95 USD
    Tcadmin V2
    Tcadmin monthly license
    1 Month Price - $15.95 USD

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