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Author Topic: Rfactor server setup  (Read 15669 times)


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Rfactor server setup
« on: September 03, 2011, 09:24:27 PM »
This is the basic settings to get your rfactor server running:

1) Download rFactor (this download will will only allow the client-side 60 minutes of free play and then needs activation. Running it as a dedicated server does not require activation)

2) Start the game on your home PC and create a profile, then create a online server and start it up with the desired settings. After the server starts you can close your game.

3) Create a new folder on the server called


4) Go into your local computer and upload the contents of your


To the server in the UserData\DedicatedServer folder.

The ProfileNameHere is what every name you gave yourself when you first started rFactor

5) There will be several files in the DedicatedServer folder. The 3 big files that TCAdmin will need are


Rename the last 2 files so you have this


For the middle file, an example that I used on my server is:


That is the race I chose when creating my online server.

6) Import the below TCAdmin config

7) You will need to check the game's Default Config files and edit the following 2 files


Overwrite the contents of my .plr with the contents of your .plr. Then make a new Dedicated[racenamehere].ini to fit with the race you created.

**The command lines calls the profile "DedicatedServer" at startup. The custom command line option allows a client to upload their own profiles and specify it in the command line changer.**


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