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Author Topic: Maximum players on my Minecraft server?  (Read 7003 times)


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Maximum players on my Minecraft server?
« on: February 27, 2012, 03:01:24 PM »
Minecraft´s maximum players amount for a lag free gaming experience does rely on two major factors. The available RAM as well the installed and activated plugins or mods.

The optimal recommendation by the Minecraft communities specifies 8 players per 1GB of RAM. This refers to most Minecraft servers running the Craftbukkit modification. 

Your Minecraft server order is based on a maximum memory contingent you specified during your initial order. By default we set your server to allow 16 player connections.

But again - please keep in mind - the more plugins or modifications you install, the more RAM will be used and therefore less players will be able to connect for a good gaming experience.

However, we do not limit our customers to a specific amount of player slots. This can be freely decided by yourself!

If you are sure about your server configuration and plugins and you would like to increase your maximum player settings, please open a ticket and request the desired modification.

Do not modify your server properties file without confirmation from our technical department!
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