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Author Topic: Setting up mods/tracks on a server  (Read 4264 times)


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Setting up mods/tracks on a server
« on: February 25, 2015, 07:05:42 AM »
The best way to upload mods/tracks is to use a program called filezilla you need the client version.

First install the mods on your pc in a separate folder away from your rfactor setup, go to your C drive right click and create a folder say for example C:\DM15.
Install all the mods/tracks to that folder now you have the files you need to upload to the server using the ftp program, upload all those files. The folder structure should be the same as your server setup.

1.Next go to your rfactor install folder and click on the rFactor Dedicated.exe this will launch the server on your desktop.
  Select  the mod you want to load and set your admin password and click vehicles icon.

2.Now you will see the vehicle filter in our example it is the DLM2C mod select it and add it then click config.

3. Now click the config option here you can select which Event/Track you want your server to start with. We picked the   Jacksonville 500 and moved it to the top.
Make sure you set the max players to match your server settings otherwise your server may get disabled for using too many slots.

4. Click options and the next screen is pretty much self explanatory:
  Race Name: this is the server name you will see in the browser

5. Click load tracks and launch the server and let it run for a few seconds then exit out. Now go to your rfactor folder usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\UserData\DedicatedServer and look for the DedicatedServer.PLR file open it with notepad or notepad++ do not use wordpad. Then copy and paste it into the DedicatedServer.PLR file in our game control panel. Make sure your server is stopped while doing this otherwise it will not save. Start your server and your good to go!
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