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Setting up Users and Groups

First Log in to McMyAdmin Web Interface.

You need to do a few steps here:
1.  First set McMyAdmin to what permission plugin you are using. McMyAdmin will store all of your settings in a file called groupinfo.json.
    These settings can be exported to most of the permissions plugin out there.
2.Click Configuration > Features and choose Group_Manager in Permissions Exporting field.
   This will overwrite any yml file located in the /minecraft/plugins/group_manager folder with the settings made in Users and Groups in McMyAdmin.
3.Click Users and Groups.
 You will see the various group names, their settings, members and permitted commands. * in Permitted Commands means wildcard, i e ALL plugin commands are allowed. * in Users means that any user not specified by name will be placed in that group (Ex making that group Default).
The other settings like Chat color are depending on a Bukkit Chat plugin.
4. The EssentialsChat is installed with the Essentials installation,  you should have this if you have followed the above steps.
5.In order to make yourself Administrator, simply add your name to the Users column in the Administrator group.
6.You can add your name or command line by entering it in the field below the column and hitting the + button.
7.You can remove any name or permitted command by hitting the X next to it.

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