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COD 4: Rcon Commands

To use the cosole in COD4 you use the ~ key. To login type in /rcon login rconpassword

Popular Commands:
/rcon quit |> Restarts the Server
/rcon sv_hostname |> This lets you change the name of the server without restarting the server or even map. EXAMPLE: /rcon sv_hostname ^4My ^2Server
/rcon g_password |> password protects the entire server. Example /rcon g_password ThePassword
/rcon sv_maxclients |> Sets the max number of players allowed in the server, /rcon sv_maxclients 16 (Requires Map Restart)
/rcon scr_hardcore |> /rcon scr_hardcore 1 Enables (Turns On) HardCore mode, /rcon scr_hardcore 0 Disable (Turns Off) Hardcore mode
/rcon scr_team_teamkillspawndelay |> The amount of seconds a player must wait after causing a teammate death /rcon scr_team_teamkillspawndelay 20
/rcon scr_teambalance 0 |> Turns off Team Balance. /rcon scr_teambalance 1 |> Turns on Team Balance
/rcon scr_game_allowkillcam 0 |> Turns off the KillCam, /rcon scr_game_allowkillcam 1 turns it on
/rcon status |> Displays Information for All Gamers in the server
/rcon clientkick (gamer id) |> Kicks a Gamer from the server by their ID. You can use the “/rcon status” command to get the gamers ID number that’s on the left
/rcon banclient |> bans a gamer from the server by ID.
/rcon banuser |> bans a gamer from the server by name

Friendly Fire:
/rcon scr_team_fftype 0 Turn Friendly Fire Off
/rcon scr_team_fftype 1 Turn Friendly Fire On
/rcon scr_team_fftype 2 Turn Friendly Fire On Reflect. Attack teammate then the damage is reflected (giving back) to you
/rcon scr_team_fftype 3 Turn Friendly Fire On Shared. Same as Above except the team attack damage hurts both of you

Map Change/Loads:
Call Of Duty 4 Maps:
/rcon map mp_backlot
/rcon map mp_bloc
/rcon map mp_bog
/rcon map mp_broadcast
/rcon map mp_carentan (ChinaTown)
/rcon map mp_cargoship (Wet Work)
/rcon map mp_citystreets (District)
/rcon map mp_convoy (Ambush)
/rcon map mp_countdown
/rcon map mp_crash
/rcon map mp_crossfire
/rcon map mp_farm (DownPour)
/rcon map mp_overgrown
/rcon map mp_pipeline
/rcon map mp_shipment
/rcon map mp_showdown
/rcon map mp_strike
/rcon map mp_showdown
/rcon map mp_killhouse
/rcon map mp_crash_snow (Winter Crash)

Map Loads:
/rcon fast_restart |> Restarts the current gameplay without restarting the entire map
/rcon map_restart |> Restarts the entire map
/rcon map_rotate |> Rotates to the next map that is set to load

Bind Commands:
The button “F5″ will be used for the bind examples. Usually most buttons on the keyboard can be used instead of just F5
Color Examples:
/bind F5 say ^0Hello All
/bind F5 say ^1Hello All
/bind F5 say ^2Hello All
/bind F5 say ^3 Hello All
/bind F5 say ^4Hello All
/bind F5 say ^5Hello All
/bind F5 say ^6Hello All
/bind F5 say ^7Hello All (White)

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