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COD4:Adding PunkBuster Console Messages

To run punkbuster console messages you need to add a few lines to your pbsv.cfg file Simply add the following and replace the server messages with your own:

;pb_sv_task X Y "MESSAGE HERE" ;X= Number of seconds after server start to say message ;Y= Number of seconds before repeating this message


pb_sv_task 10 91 "say ^2Welcome To your game server"

pb_sv_task 23 91 "say ^2Looking To Create Your Very Own Clan ?"

pb_sv_task 36 91 "say ^2message here:"

pb_sv_task 39 91 "say ^1Dedicated Servers"

pb_sv_task 41 91 "say ^1Gaming Servers"

pb_sv_task 43 91 "say ^1Web Hosting"

pb_sv_task 45 91 "say ^1Voice Communications"

pb_sv_task 47 91 "say ^1Clan Management Systems"

pb_sv_task 60 91 "say ^"

pb_sv_task 86 91 "say ^2MSN: your email here"

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